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“Thank you so much for your unconditional love and support !! It is your love that has made YSTC the very special family that it is. Never can I repay you for ALL you have done for us, for our entire YS experience, but I ask God to continue to bless you for the gifts, and love you bestow to our children. Thank you again !!"

"My child has been involved with YSTC for a few years. Not only has she developed her stage and acting presence, but she has grown in confidence, acceptance and respect, established friendships, and so much more. We love YSTC!"

"I just wanted to say once again that the kids did a wonderful job yesterday! And I am really impressed with how you handled them and your ability to teach and direct them!"

"Well!!! Words really can't describe how wonderful the weekend of HAIR was!! the production was fantastic!! You are truly amazing!! My daughter was so sad last night, i understood how she felt. She was sad about saying good bye to new friends and old friends and to the 60's era. She really "got" it!! Thank you for educating her so well and for touching her heart with such love and kindness."

"It’s only the beginning of day 3 and I can confidently say that YSTC is the best thing she could have been involved with this summer! 

She shares with us all of the friendships she has already made, warm-up exercises, her time in the “green room” and the responsibilities and rewards of being part of the “biz.” YSTC is all about respect for one another, taking risks to be your best and being vulnerable and strong. She is rising to the occasion of the expectations of a cast member, and I couldn’t be more proud! Thank you, Judi Starr Pezola (and team) for taking in my baby with a big smile and a joyful heart. We love being a part of your production, and are so excited as each part of the process unfolds! "

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