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We Are ALL Starrs Yet There is No Star!

Director’s Note:

It is such a privilege and honor to direct the students at Young Starrs Theater Company! Their dedication, respect towards one another, honesty, and overall kindness thrills and motivates me beyond description. 

Working with such a diverse group of children and teens, from over 1,050 schools, I have witnessed incredible friendships, trust, and beautiful devotion from all. I have seen the shyest child come to believe in him or herself as they perform on stage to the smiles and applause of their classmates. 

I have also seen the most outgoing child share their sense of humor and excitement as they welcome others into their understanding of “play.” Watching students challenge themselves as they step up and take on various leadership roles, is another skill that is supported and always celebrated at YSTC. 

We encourage our Starrs to find what is unique within them and to confidently and generously share that with everyone. We give our Starrs a safe place to devote themselves to the art they love – a time consuming, yet passionate commitment that not everyone in their lives will always understand. I love what I do and I love the Young Starrs I have been blessed to direct. 

Thank you for enriching my life, and for truly understanding what it means to be a Starr!


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